How it works

We provide a platform for great caregivers to connect with families and facilities in need of their services

How to book a caregiver

Through allcaregivers, families in need of senior care or care for a person with a disability can connect with caregivers. Healthcare facilities which are short staffed or in need of extra caregivers are able to find and book them here as well.

Sign up: Create a user account and give us some information about you, where you need care (home care or facility), what city and state you need care.

Post a Job: Make a job posting stating what care you need and what kind of services you need from a caregiver. Let caregivers know when and where you need the care

Hire: Invite caregivers to apply to your job posting or just wait for caregivers in your area to apply. Scroll through top caregivers and hire one based on qualifications and experience. Caregivers with a star next to their names have passed a background check.

Chat: Chat with your caregiver directly through the website or app and confirm the address for care and other details of your needs.

Approve: After the caregiver has accepted your offer and completed the job, allcaregivers sends you an invoice with the caregiver’s logged time for your approval. Once you approve the caregiver’s time log, payment is processed and goes to your caregiver

How to offer your services on allcaregivers

Sign up: Tell us a little about yourself and your professional experience. Then upload your certifications if any and let potential clients know how much you’re willing to accept per hour

Background check: consent to a personal background check to show your credibility to potential clients.

Advertise: After you’ve passed a background check, you can advertise yourself on Allcaregivers. Our caregivers are able to choose their own rates and decide whether or not to accept offers.

Accept or Apply: Apply to jobs in your area or accept invitations to apply to posted jobs. When a job is assigned to you, you’re able to chat directly with the client. Confirm the address of care and the needs of your client.

Log time: After providing care, go to the “Active jobs” tab and log time. Put in the times you worked and the care you provided.

Payment: The time log will be sent to your client for approval, and within three days, payment will be processed. Caregiver payout occurs twice a month, on the 15th and 30th of every month. Jobs completed and approved between the 30th of previous month and 14th of each month will be paid out on the 15th. Jobs completed and approved between the 15th and 29th will be paid out on the 30th of the month.

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